Lifestyle of Harmless Living

Powered flight was impossible until Orville and Wilbur Wright lifted off from Kill Devil Hills and changed the course of humanity.

Landing and re-using rockets was impossible until Elon Musk showed us how it’s done.

The era of impossible is over.

We’re not launching rockets or going to Mars or anything, but we think there’s equally important work to do right here on Earth that’ll ultimately save our planet.

Remember when it was nearly impossible to eat vegan or raise kids without animal products? It was really hard.

Not any more. And thanks to so many great ideas from game-changing food companies, it’s getting easier every day.

Ahersa was created to support new ideas for a more sustainable planet, provide cruelty free favorites to compassionate people, and help parents raise children who care about their world.

How will we support new ideas? A portion of every sale will go into a fund that we’ll donate to compassionate businesses and causes. No strings, no catch. Ever wanted to start an animal sanctuary? Or run a restaurant? Ahersa funding could help you. Let’s all grow together and save the world.


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