About Cindy

Cindy Griffith is a nationally recognized teacher and teaching instructor. She’s currently a middle school teacher in Washington State.

She believes that teaching is an art as much as it’s a science and her years in the classroom have taught her that creating a respectful rapport with students is key to their success. When they feel loved and respected, yet pushed to advocate for themselves and challenged academically, they rise to the occasion and shine.

Helping teachers inspire, educate, and empower students is a true passion and doing so remains one of her life’s greatest honors.

Here’s what people are saying about Cindy:

Curriculum Development: Cindy demonstrates a strong background in curriculum development, instructional strategies, and lesson delivery.”
-Herbert Rotchford, Principal, Sacajawea Middle School

Student Engagement: The tone in her classroom is positive, respectful, and purposeful, even with dealing with the unpredictable challenges of middle school students. Her ability to engage and motivate students is phenomenal, surpassing that of most of her more experienced peers.”
-David Ulmen, English Department Chair, Sacajawea Middle School

Life-Long Learner:  “Cindy is the epitome of a life long learner and shares her love for learning with all students.”
-Paula Ronhaar, Principal, Sacajawea Middle School

An Advisor:Cindy is regularly sought after as a teacher at countless workshops throughout the country and as a mentor to peers in her region. Even employees with more years of experience seek out her knowledge for dealing with specific situations.”
-Don Leonard, Territory Intelligence/ Technology Training Supervisor, Walsworth Publishing

Enthusiasm:Cindy’s ability to connect with kids is unquestioned and her work ethic is superior. She possesses a boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm that is appreciated and admired in our school community.
– Glenn Mabile, CFO, Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy

The Highest Recommendation: “My own daughter was a student in Cindy’s English class and, as a former English teacher myself, I was continually pleased with what and how she was taught. I can o er no higher recommendation than to tell you that I would choose Cindy to teach my next daughter when she reaches that age. I know that she will experience a warm and welcoming classroom environment, a rigorous curriculum, and valuable daily lessons in everything from grammar to ethical decision making.”
-Daniel Nicklay, Principal, Coeur d’ Alene Charter Academy.