About Us

Ahersa was started to inspire good.

Ahersa is for the people who believe that it’s not acceptable to benefit from the harm of others, who vow to protect our planet, and who are committed to raising children who will change our world for the better.

How do we create a better world and reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves?We’re currently focusing our efforts on helping to raise compassionate children. Because if we can all work together, parents, teachers, coaches, and more, and raise kids who understand respect and love, they’ll be far less likely to inflict pain on others. If we teach them that our earth needs help, they’ll rise up and do what’s necessary to protect it.

This isn’t about changing the world, it’s about making the world better for one child at a time.

Ahersa advocates for love for all living beings and helps educate children about the benefits of harmless living.

Join us for free resources on raising and teaching compassionate children and working to advocate for a lifestyle of harmless living.

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