Our Goals

It pays to dream big, right? We started Ahersa to change the world, and we’ll begin with the people most likely to make the biggest impact:


If we can all work together to raise kids who are loved, educated, and compassionate, we’ll be able to save the world. It’s on us as adults to equip kids with the tools they need to end the animal industry, reduce climate change, reduce violence, and create the utopia we all know Earth can be. 

Ahersa is the lifestyle of harmless living, which extends from the food we eat to how we interact with other people.

If you’re like us, you desperately want to help make the world a better a place, but it’s so daunting you don’t know where to start.  Start with your kids. Start with your nieces, nephews, students, and family members. Kids are born with compassion; They don’t know prejudice or racism until it’s taught. Adults in their lives need to work hard to keep that beautiful perspective alive. Do that and you’re actively contributing to a world of less harm and more love.

Follow Ahersa and you’ll be part of a group of people building a better world. Shop Ahersa and find one-of-a-kind books for raising compassionate kids. Our children’s book, PEACE, is out now and mini-manuals for parents and teachers are coming soon. 

Dream big, join us, and let’s help our children save the world.

In addition, we will work to:

  1. Create and sell beautiful clothing without harming life. Ahersa shirts, our first product, are fair-trade and printed with hand-drawn designs. Tell the people in your world that you’re an Ahersa guy or girl! The first five shirts are limited edition and won’t last long. 
  2. Continue to build Ahersa Press and publish children’s books and novels that inspire change and make readers question why they do what they do.
  3. Create Ahersa magazine for members, a digital publication with stories of success, and change. We’ll include recipes and personal stories from other Ahersa folks.
  4. Start Ahersa Kids and create a line of cruelty-free products that help teach children the value of loving all creatures. We’ll even help up-cycle products into toys to reduce waste.
  5. Advocate for Ahersa-Approved curriculum for schools and certify schools that offer a humane-based global perspectives curriculum. 
  6. Work toward changing food labels to be labeled as containing animal products if there are any traces of meat, dairy, eggs, or insects.
  7. Lobby for a required “Tested on Animals” label on non-food products, such as cosmetics, that aren’t cruelty free.
  8. Buy a makeup company and offer inexpensive cruelty-free products.
  9. Create child care centers with Ahersa-powered curriculum. 
  10. Contribute to a clean, sustainable, cruelty free planet where every being is valued and loved.
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