PEACE: Five Tales of Compassion for a Better World

There aren’t enough children’s books for compassionate parents. We want to see more high-quality, well-written, beautifully illustrated options that inspire and educate children to grow into adults who want to create a more loving and accepting world.

PEACE is a set of five illustrated children’s stories that encourage kids to live a compassionate lifestyle. The stories teach lessons of Perspective, Education, Appreciation, Compassion, and Empathy.

Each short story fosters the beginning of a life that could end up changing our world for the better. Topics covered include harmless living, acceptance, non-violence, and the power of positivity.

As a humane educator and middle school teacher with a Master’s degree in literacy, Cindy Griffith routinely asks herself how we can best grow children into responsible adults.

If a child believes from a very young age that change is possible, he or she will make a difference in the lives of people and animals while caring for the planet and setting high standards for personal success.

Perspective is taught by a humble matchstick, eagerly waiting in her tin for a chance to shine.

Education is taught by a group of grizzly bears who lovingly welcome a family of displaced polar bears.  

Appreciation is taught by a little fly named Robert Maloney who tries his best to taste a piece of pie, but encounters a human who could easily squash him.  

Compassion is taught by a young bear who doesn’t want to kill for food, but risks mockery when he tells his family about his beliefs.

Empathy is taught by an injured bird who falls from the sky and enters the world of a young elephant.

Each story is written by Cindy and masterfully illustrated by Italian artist Marco Rizzi, who brings his colorful, illuminating, and endearing illustrations to this exceptional book.

The stories are easily read aloud in a lyrical voice and will engage and inspire children, and their parents, to do good in their worlds and embrace the lifestyle of harmless living. 

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ISBN 978-0-692-90133-5

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