The Solution

The Solution is more than a delicious non-dairy latte. It’s the idea that anything is possible.

The solution to so many of the problems we face on Earth can be found in the reduction of animal agriculture.

Less cruelty to animals, fewer pollutants, and a healthier, happier planet.

When you drink The Solution, you’re not just getting an indulgent and delicious coffee drink. You’re helping make the world better. You’re reducing demand for dairy and showing that great taste and creamy texture can be plant-based.

Our espresso beans are ground just prior to brewing and are pulled using top-of-line Italian espresso machines. Each shot is monitored for the perfect crema and bottled immediately, ensuring freshness and impeccable flavor. Plus, we only use raw, organic cane sugar.

Sales of The Solution help fuel Ahersa’s mission to support new ideas for a more sustainable planet, provide cruelty free favorites to compassionate people, and help parents raise children who care about their world.

We hope you’ll become part of The Solution for a better planet.

The Solution is coming soon to farmers’ markets, vegan festivals, and stores near you. Sign up for updates on where to buy and learn more about the projects we’re supporting. Case sales are open now in our store for residents of Southern California!