Introducing the Ahersa Lifestyle


We met someone at our daily workout club and noticed something that signified that this woman might be a fellow Ahersa human.

She was eating a dairy free yogurt.

Of course, a person’s yogurt of choice doesn’t necessarily define that person’s humanity. Our 9-year-old daughter, though, was determined to ask if this new friend was vegan like us.

And so… we asked.

Her answer came hesitantly, but in the affirmative. We had met another vegan and excitedly discussed recipes and the progression to becoming meat-free.

The encounter raised an interesting point and defines the reason we created Ahersa.

This woman didn’t want to be defined as “vegan” because she doesn’t like the connotations the word implies. She didn’t want to be associated with the “angry vegan” stereotype that throws red paint on people wearing fur. She didn’t want to be labeled as “extreme” or be judged for her decision to not hurt animals.

Ahersa people aren’t angry. We feel strong emotions when it comes to the cruelty in this world, but we also know everyone is on his or her own journey and is free to make individual decisions.

Ahersa’s purpose is to get those people to question why they do what they do while supporting people who have already committed to a cruelty-free lifestyle. We’re calling it the Ahersa lifestyle.

The Ahersa lifestyle is defined by doing good for all living beings. That means not eating animals or animal-derived products, not supporting animal-related industries, not killing for sport, not taking lives of lost insects in the home, and of course, loving all humans and recognizing their potential for greatness.

Ahersa isn’t just a brand of tee shirts, it’s an entire re-brand of cruelty-free living represented by the logo and messages on those shirts.

This movement is just getting started, but the Ahersa lifestyle is already being embraced by people all over the world.

Are you Ahersa?



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