Why You Need to Question Everything


When you’re on a crowded bus and someone needs to get by, why does he or she quietly ask, “Can I sneak by?”

There’s clearly no sneaking going on.

When someone wants to convey that he or she has no interest in a certain subject matter, why does that person say, “I could care less,” when clearly that’s not the case?

Then there’s the girl writing names on dressing room doors who asks, “And your name was?”

Is she asking for a maiden name? Perhaps a former alias? She probably means your current first name, but asks in a way that suggests that she’s not thinking before she’s speaking because, in all likelihood, your name still is whatever it has always been.

All of those examples are simple scenarios that illustrate people doing things, or saying things, simply because that’s the way they always have.

We challenge you to question why you say what you say. Think about your words before you speak them and ask yourself if they convey the message you intend.

Then take it further. Why do you do what you do? Why do you believe what you believe?

Maybe you’ve judged someone who wore real fur but did so while sporting leather boots. The only difference between fur and leather is one skin still has fur on it.

Maybe you bought the boots because they were on sale or because you liked the fit, but didn’t stop to think that you’re wearing someone’s skin or that a heart had to be stopped so you could have the pleasure of owning boots.

If you eat meat, why? People who have stopped eating animal products say they used to eat meat because it’s what was offered at home as children. It was normal and expected and no one ever said it might be wrong or gross. The meat comes in tidy and convenient packages that hide the brutality of its production so there’s not much left to question once it’s sitting in a shopping cart and destined for the griddle at home.

What people don’t think about, however, is how the meat got to the store, nor do they stop to ask themselves, “Why am I doing this? Who had to die so I can continue to do what I do?”

To be fair, some people do indeed inform themselves on the truths of meat production and choose to continue consuming animals anyway. Others learn the truth and simply can’t stomach the thought of consuming corpses or can’t support the treatment of animals once they learn how horrific the industry has become.

We overheard someone discovering the presence of a meat-free hamburger on a restaurant menu and disgustedly saying, “I couldn’t order that. What’s in it?”

Isn’t it interesting that the presence of the word “vegan” is what made this gentleman finally question what’s in his food? The fact that the burger contained ingredients that had been grown was somehow vastly more disgusting than ingredients that he is used to: the kind that are born.

We are pretty sure no one has ever gone up to the Burger King counter and questioned what was in the burger meat, but they probably should. In fact, we should question everything. We should question our choice of words and ask ourselves if they might injure people, or if they even make sense. We should use empathy and put ourselves in the position of others before speaking or posting on social media.

Question beliefs. Question religion. Question what you put into your body. Research where your food comes from, discover the truth, and then decide your path.

Humans are running on autopilot and acting without thinking. Now is the time to begin questioning everything, thinking for yourself, and making sure your autopilot is turned off.


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  1. ~ Brilliant read ~ Truth is here for the accepting. The fight is within each of us, however only if we allow it to be. Individual epiphanies will endure the challenges of the status quo. o This revolution for change, for a compassionate view of all life, a paradigm shift is within reach so long as we remain steadfast in the face of all that’s around us. You know this and the people of the world will also know this. The ones who refuse will fall by the wayside and the new human will emerge. Thank for this site ~ I appreciate the direction you are heading, the path you choose to leave behind, and the future you’re building for your children and theirs’ to come ~ until all are free, none are free ~ mgf

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