Let’s Invest in a Compassionate Seattle


Let’s make Seattle one of the top cities for vegans in the world.

We already have great restaurants. We have options for coffee, donuts, Thai food, breakfast, and so much more. Most of all, we have people here who want to make this city even better. People who dream of starting vegan schools, of expanding vegan grocery stores, of providing vegan clothing, gloves, and accessories.

New developments are constantly going up and entrepreneurs are needed to make sure there are a wide variety vegan restaurants, stores, schools, personal trainers, and more to serve the growing population.

This is all possible, but sometimes a dream just isn’t enough. A dream needs funding to take off and become reality.

That’s where Ahersa comes in. This organization was built to help other organizations and businesses create a more compassionate world.

Inspiring change as an individual can be intimidating and exceptionally time consuming. But, when we band together as a city, we can pool our resources and finally be the change of which we dream.

Here’s how Ahersa works:
You join for $10 a month. You then can either sit back and watch good be done in your name or you can apply for funds for the projects you believe in. There are enough of us here to make the city’s dreams come true.

Own a vegan business that needs a financial boost? Join and apply. Have an idea that needs to prove itself on the market? Join and apply. Have a product or service that compassionate folks can’t live without? Join and apply. Want to start a school or boost an animal sanctuary? Join and apply, then tell your friends to get on board too.

One person, on his or her own, can certainly inspire change. An entire city of people, though, can demand it.

Join Ahersa and let’s make our dreams for Seattle happen.

fullsizerender-2In addition to funds raised through memberships, we will donate a portion of money┬áraised by sales of Ahersa Press’s first children’s book, PEACE. This hardbound 160-page picture book tells five stories and addresses the importance of Perspective, Enthusiasm, Authenticity, Compassion, and Empathy while helping parents instill values of harmless living in their children.

By pre-ordering, you are helping Seattle become the city every vegan wants it to become.

Let’s keep dreaming, but also start getting to work. We are ready to do this. Are you?

Please share this link with other compassionate folks and we’ll all make Seattle the best vegan town in the country.


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