Making Change the Costco Way

the-costco-connection-logo-840x340The December issue of Costco Connection magazine features a holiday recipe section that covers roughly 10 pages.

One of those recipes, a no-bake dessert option, is vegan. The rest are slabs of red meat or fish with no meat-free or plant-based recipes featured.

It’s a disturbing issue, to say the least, for anyone who cares about animals. A friend of ours, an omnivore we may add, contacted Costco and eloquently stated her case for the inclusion of meat-free options. Here’s what she said,

I always enjoy reading the Costco Connection. You folks do a great job of offering a balanced approach to life and to the products Costco offers.

So I was surprised and more than a bit frustrated with the selection of recipes featured in the December issue.

I realize that the holiday season is upon us, but that does not make everyone an avid carnivore, and virtually every recipe you featured was meat/fish centric. With so many of us nowdays either reducing or avoiding meat consumption — or having to cook holiday meals for those who don’t eat animal products — it would have been wonderful to find some good creative recipes to please the non-meat eaters of the world. Meatless mains would be great, but even some good side dishes would be an improvement.

Maybe in a future issue you could focus on some appetizing meat-alternative recipes?

Costco responded and acknowledged that they fell short in this issue,  and promised January’s issue would be more health-centric.

That’s a good start. Costco is in an influential position and, while it sells a wicked amount of meat and other animal products, they carry a growing selection of vegan-friendly options.  We think they’d be willing to carry even more if the public demanded it.

If you have a moment, please take the time to send Costco a nice, friendly reminder that vegans shop at their stores too and tell them that you’d appreciate more cruelty-free products and more dialogue in their magazine about the benefits of harmless living.

If you don’t want to write your own email, send this one:


We are Costco members and appreciate the wide selection you offer and realize that you need to cater to a variety of tastes. We were disappointed to see so many meat-based recipes and images in the December issue of Costco Connection magazine. There are many alternatives that taste amazing, are better for your members’ health, don’t promote cruelty, and are friendlier to the environment.

We’d appreciate it if Costco could carry, and promote, more animal-free products. Thank you!”

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  1. I’ve been plant based for 8 years now and used to work trade shows in Costco, I appreciate all the plant based milks, the almond milk espresso, vegan protein powders and bulk produce your store offers but would have liked to perhaps see cranberry sauce or quinoa stuffed squash or mushrooms in your news letter. Thank you.

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