How Compassion Can Save the World

Compassion Over Killing is changing the world.

The Washington D.C.-based non-profit has successfully advocated against factory farming, fought for animal rights, and promoted the vegan lifestyle.

The organization has been instrumental in revealing the conditions in which animals raised for food live… and die. COK has shown the world the realities of the animal industry and continues to inspire plant-based living in people around the world.

Compassion is a virtue most Americans might say they possess, but the vast majority of people seem to forget that having compassion for living things also means not funding their torture.

Milk, eggs, and meat have become such a staple in our society that people don’t think twice about how those products reach store shelves. They mindlessly crack eggs for cake recipes and pour milk on their cereal and grill hamburgers without thinking about the horrific events behind each bite they take.

Compassion Over Killing has helped people make the connection that buying products made from animals is a direct endorsement for how those animals are treated.

Ahersa has a policy of not getting into the graphic details of the animal industry, but encourages people to research the truths behind their food choices. Compassion Over Killing is one of the top sources of information and advocacy.

Compassion is also a cornerstone of what Ahersa stands for. Our Harmless Living ethos inspires people to adopt a “do no harm” lifestyle which extends from the way we eat, to how we treat animals, to how we respect the people around us.

We believe that teaching compassion, especially to children, will lead to a safer, healthier world filled with less killing and more… well… compassion.  That’s why we’re publishing the PEACE series of children’s books and donating a portion of each sale to Compassion Over Killing.

COK is a small organization making a major impact on our world and is working tirelessly to promote animal welfare, animal rights, plant-based living and, of course, compassion for all living things.

Thank you, Compassion Over Killing, for all you do to promote goodness in the world.


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