So What Do You Do, Anyway?

This is a question that comes up as we meet new people and interact with groups around the country.

If you haven’t seen the Goals section of our website, please check it out. We’re still new, but already have our hands in a number of major projects. Here are some of them:

  1. Create a publishing company and publish a children’s book to promote compassion in the youngest generation. View the project here! The Peace Series will be available this summer.
  2. Help an electric car manufacturer produce a vegan vehicle for the mass market.
  3. Work with schools to implement Meatless Mondays and compassionate curriculum.

We’re involved in a number of other projects, including a sponsorship of DC Vegfest happening this September, but, as you can imagine, the three projects above are taking the majority of our time right now.

If you have a project you’d like us to tackle or fund, join us and let us know what you’re thinking. There are so many possibilities and ideas to make this world better, and we look forward to working with you to make them happen.


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