Let’s Not Be Vegan Anymore


What do people think of when they hear the word?

Extremists in front of zoos with megaphones.

Red paint being thrown on people wearing fur coats.

Images of nude celebrities pitching vegan advocacy groups.

Being vegan is rarely met with positivity, unless the other party is vegan too. Assuming, of course, both vegans are the right kind of vegans. Ethical vegans can’t hang with health vegans because they aren’t “vegan enough.” The stereotype of self-righteousness is alive and well, and vegans even judge other vegans by their potential use of GMOs and/or processed vegan food. Things can get nasty.

There’s a rift in the vegan community and it doesn’t help the bigger cause of curing our world of animal agriculture.

If you’re like us, you are vegan because you want to make animals happy, you want to eat (somewhat) healthier, and/or you want to reduce your impact on the environment. All are valid and, whatever the reason you stopped eating animals, we believe you shouldn’t be judged for your life choices.

We pursue happiness for all beings by doing what we can individually and as a community, while being careful to not damage or hurt other people. We advocate for our children and work our tails off to instill the values of peace and compassion in them.

More accurately, we work our tails off to keep our kids from losing those innate qualities of youth.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you’re an Ahersa person… and part of the next evolution of veganism.

Join us and help foster positivity. Be a part of our group and our Facebook page and you’ll get advice and resources for creating positive parent/child relationships to help grow good humans. You’ll gain access to loving stories you can read to children. Get access to school lunch ideas, get gift ideas, be inspired to take care of your body through exercise and fun activities, and even enroll in courses to gain further knowledge about this growing movement of compassion. Our online shop will include clothing, educational resources, books, games, and more. We’re even working on manuals that both teachers and parents can use to guide kids into a life of goodness and a do-no-harm lifestyle.

Veganism just doesn’t go far enough or do a good job of including everyone with a compassionate heart. Ahersa does.

Please like our Facebook page and join our small, but growing, Facebook group.



2 Replies to “Let’s Not Be Vegan Anymore”

  1. You condemn activists who DO SOMETHING, like protesting zoos, and you instead promote breeding more humans to buy your on- line merchandise?
    Yes, I guess you’ll have to make up an anti-activist breeder group and call yourselves, AHERSAs, to make sure things grow worse for the other animals!

    1. Hi Gael, it certainly is difficult to be kind to people who don’t believe the same way we do. We don’t want you to stop speaking up for the animals. No will we. What we would like is to alter the way we speak to non-vegans in order to be most effective. At Ahersa, we believe that education is similar to holding a wet bar of soap. If we squeeze too hard (i.e. alienating non-vegans with hate speech), we are likely to push them to the point of never wanting to even consider a vegan or plant-based lifestyle. This would be due to the need to distance themselves as far as they can from the angry, hate-filled people who make them feel awful for eating the food that their parents and grandparents ate and fed them.
      We will never believe that it is “okay” and we will never just accept the fact that people kill our animals and exploit their bodies for science and entertainment. In saying that, we need to be more effective in our marketing of this lifestyle. If we are callous, we will be defeating ourselves. If we hold the wet bar of soap gently and treat all people with love and respect, while being good models of harmless living, we are bound to be significantly more effective and make a far greater impact on this world in a much shorter period of time.

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