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comment contourner les sites de rencontres payants PEACE is a children’s book with five stories that helps kids learn about compassion and empathy for people and animals.

useful site It’s pretty clear that adults are the ones who really need that message right now.

site de rencontre 123.love.fr Polar Opposites is one of the stories in PEACE and is a gentle reminder to welcome those who come looking for a better life, whether they are bears coming from the Arctic or humans walking from other countries.

find out Please freely download and share this story, and let’s hope people can take the opportunity to welcome, help, and learn from others who come from far away lands.

see this site Download here:

site de rencontre Г©tudes supГ©rieures PEACE- Polar Opposites


If Everyone Cared…

site de rencontre adolescent gratuit

We just want to send a note today and say we love you.

We’re not selling anything, not promoting anything, just sending love to our Ahersa family and hoping you are safe and spending time loving and appreciating the people closest to you.

We’re left wondering how we can all work together to stop terrible things from happening. It makes sense to us that if we all raise compassionate and caring children, we will start building a generation that will wipe out atrocities.

Kids are born knowing how to love while hate is learned over time. We can all work together to keep the love alive as kids grow into adults who can’t even fathom the concept of hating, or hurting, others.

If you ever want to chat, we’re here.

Lots of love,
Cindy and Travis


Let’s Not Be Vegan Anymore


What do people think of when they hear the word?

Extremists in front of zoos with megaphones.

Red paint being thrown on people wearing fur coats.

Images of nude celebrities pitching vegan advocacy groups.

Being vegan is rarely met with positivity, unless the other party is vegan too. Assuming, of course, both vegans are the right kind of vegans. Ethical vegans can’t hang with health vegans because they aren’t “vegan enough.” The stereotype of self-righteousness is alive and well, and vegans even judge other vegans by their potential use of GMOs and/or processed vegan food. Things can get nasty.

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Do People Still Value Children’s Books?

We all know a child who spends more time with his or her face in a smartphone or iPad than in a book. As children get older, the draw of technology only increases and books, it seems, are left collecting dust on the shelf.

When our kids were little, we read to them every day. Multiple times per day. Reading to young children is proven to increase their language skills and make them better readers over time. Plus, who can discount the value of snuggling a kid in pajamas and reading a story together?

Books improve minds and provide for treasured family time that, frankly, passes all too quickly.

In a Facebook post asking if people still value children’s books, over 200 people wrote with an overwhelming “Yes!” Parents, grandparents, even young people without children of their own responded by saying they routinely buy books for children in their lives and will continue to do so. Continue reading >>>


So What Do You Do, Anyway?

This is a question that comes up as we meet new people and interact with groups around the country.

If you haven’t seen the Goals section of our website, please check it out. We’re still new, but already have our hands in a number of major projects. Here are some of them:

  1. Create a publishing company and publish a children’s book to promote compassion in the youngest generation. View the project here! The Peace Series will be available this summer.
  2. Help an electric car manufacturer produce a vegan vehicle for the mass market.
  3. Work with schools to implement Meatless Mondays and compassionate curriculum.

We’re involved in a number of other projects, including a sponsorship of DC Vegfest happening this September, but, as you can imagine, the three projects above are taking the majority of our time right now. Continue reading >>>


How Compassion Can Save the World

Compassion Over Killing is changing the world.

The Washington D.C.-based non-profit has successfully advocated against factory farming, fought for animal rights, and promoted the vegan lifestyle.

The organization has been instrumental in revealing the conditions in which animals raised for food live… and die. COK has shown the world the realities of the animal industry and continues to inspire plant-based living in people around the world.

Compassion is a virtue most Americans might say they possess, but the vast majority of people seem to forget that having compassion for living things also means not funding their torture. Continue reading >>>


Fixing School Lunches, One Meatless Meal at a Time

Have you seen a school lunch lately?

Go to any public school at lunchtime and take a look at the food our children are fed during the day. You’ll find processed meats, greasy pizza, half-full containers of milk, and perhaps a pile of peas here and there.

We all know that school lunches aren’t healthy. Jamie Oliver took it upon himself to try to fix the problem, but was met with incredible resistance and hasn’t made the impact he hoped. It’s what is starting to happen next, though, that we hope sparks a real revolution in school lunches.

Universities across the country are starting to change. Plant-based cafeterias are opening at colleges across America and changing the way college kids eat. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that college kids are demanding that they have meat-free options, and schools are obliging. Continue reading >>>


Making Change the Costco Way

the-costco-connection-logo-840x340The December issue of Costco Connection magazine features a holiday recipe section that covers roughly 10 pages.

One of those recipes, a no-bake dessert option, is vegan. The rest are slabs of red meat or fish with no meat-free or plant-based recipes featured.

It’s a disturbing issue, to say the least, for anyone who cares about animals. A friend of ours, an omnivore we may add, contacted Costco and eloquently stated her case for the inclusion of meat-free options. Here’s what she said,

I always enjoy reading the Costco Connection. You folks do a great job of offering a balanced approach to life and to the products Costco offers.

So I was surprised and more than a bit frustrated with the selection of recipes featured in the December issue. Continue reading >>>


PEACE Update: Copy Complete, Illustrations Underway!


The goal of the PEACE Series is to give parents a fun way to instill values of compassion in their children.

There aren’t a lot of books on the market that cater to vegan parents or promote a compassionate vegan lifestyle. We want to change that and give parents the option to read stories that plant the seed for a lifetime of compassionate choices.

One of the stories in the five-book series is that of Robert Maloney, a sweet and enthusiastic fly who wants a taste of blueberry pie, but could easily be swatted to death by the family who baked it.

The book is now in the hands of the illustrator in Italy, with whom we are working on a daily basis. Continue reading >>>


Let’s Invest in a Compassionate Seattle


Let’s make Seattle one of the top cities for vegans in the world.

We already have great restaurants. We have options for coffee, donuts, Thai food, breakfast, and so much more. Most of all, we have people here who want to make this city even better. People who dream of starting vegan schools, of expanding vegan grocery stores, of providing vegan clothing, gloves, and accessories.

New developments are constantly going up and entrepreneurs are needed to make sure there are a wide variety vegan restaurants, stores, schools, personal trainers, and more to serve the growing population. Continue reading >>>