Do They Just Not Get It, Or Just Not Care?

rencontrer homme de sa vie what-is-climate-change Tonight we watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary, “Before the Flood.” The film is an epic look into the causes of climate change and what can be done to reverse it.

get link The harm that humans have done to our Earth over the last hundred years is profound. In the name of money we have scorched, poisoned, melted, tortured, and exploited our planet, its resources, and many of its living beings. If we continue this path, the third panel of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights becomes more than just a piece of art, it becomes a profound look into our not-so-distant future.  Continue reading >>>


Terminator Terminates Relationship With Meat

go here Terminator star and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged people to give up meat and take-up a plant-based diet “for the benefit of humanity.” In partnership with James Cameron, Schwarzenegger is spreading a message of, “less meat, less heat, more life.” Cameron and Schwarzenegger were inspired to make the plea after learning of China’s bid to cut meat consumption by 50 percent in an effort to prevent the spread of heart disease and diabetes. Continue reading >>>


Why You Need to Question Everything


When you’re on a crowded bus and someone needs to get by, why does he or she quietly ask, “Can I sneak by?”

There’s clearly no sneaking going on.

When someone wants to convey that he or she has no interest in a certain subject matter, why does that person say, “I could care less,” when clearly that’s not the case?

Then there’s the girl writing names on dressing room doors who asks, “And your name was?”

Is she asking for a maiden name? Perhaps a former alias? She probably means your current first name, but asks in a way that suggests that she’s not thinking before she’s speaking because, in all likelihood, your name still is whatever it has always been.

All of those examples are simple scenarios that illustrate people doing things, or saying things, simply because that’s the way they always have. Continue reading >>>


Introducing the Ahersa Lifestyle


We met someone at our daily workout club and noticed something that signified that this woman might be a fellow Ahersa human.

She was eating a dairy free yogurt.

Of course, a person’s yogurt of choice doesn’t necessarily define that person’s humanity. Our 9-year-old daughter, though, was determined to ask if this new friend was vegan like us.

And so… we asked.

Her answer came hesitantly, but in the affirmative. We had met another vegan and excitedly discussed recipes and the progression to becoming meat-free.

The encounter raised an interesting point and defines the reason we created Ahersa. Continue reading >>>