Making Change the Costco Way

go site the-costco-connection-logo-840x340The December issue of Costco Connection magazine features a holiday recipe section that covers roughly 10 pages.

follow One of those recipes, a no-bake dessert option, is vegan. The rest are slabs of red meat or fish with no meat-free or plant-based recipes featured.

les sites de rencontres du canada It’s a disturbing issue, to say the least, for anyone who cares about animals. A friend of ours, an omnivore we may add, contacted Costco and eloquently stated her case for the inclusion of meat-free options. Here’s what she said, I always enjoy reading the Costco Connection. You folks do a great job of offering a balanced approach to life and to the products Costco offers.

probleme avec site de rencontre So I was surprised and more than a bit frustrated with the selection of recipes featured in the December issue. Continue reading >>>