Fixing School Lunches, One Meatless Meal at a Time

see Have you seen a school lunch lately?

Go to any public school at lunchtime and take a look at the food our children are fed during the day. You’ll find processed meats, greasy pizza, half-full containers of milk, and perhaps a pile of peas here and there. We all know that school lunches aren’t healthy. Jamie Oliver took it upon himself to try to fix the problem, but was met with incredible resistance and hasn’t made the impact he hoped. It’s what is starting to happen next, though, that we hope sparks a real revolution in school lunches.

follow link Universities across the country are starting to change. Plant-based cafeterias are opening at colleges across America and changing the way college kids eat. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that college kids are demanding that they have meat-free options, and schools are obliging. Continue reading >>>