Do People Still Value Children’s Books?

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follow site We all know a child who spends more time with his or her face in a smartphone or iPad than in a book. As children get older, the draw of technology only increases and books, it seems, are left collecting dust on the shelf.

go to site When our kids were little, we read to them every day. Multiple times per day. Reading to young children is proven to increase their language skills and make them better readers over time. Plus, who can discount the value of snuggling a kid in pajamas and reading a story together?

site de rencontres efficace Books improve minds and provide for treasured family time that, frankly, passes all too quickly.

online dating for losers In a Facebook post asking if people still value children’s books, over 200 people wrote with an overwhelming “Yes!” Parents, grandparents, even young people without children of their own responded by saying they routinely buy books for children in their lives and will continue to do so. Continue reading >>>


How Compassion Can Save the World

enter Compassion Over Killing is changing the world.

kennenlernen kinderlieder The Washington D.C.-based non-profit has successfully advocated against factory farming, fought for animal rights, and promoted the vegan lifestyle. The organization has been instrumental in revealing the conditions in which animals raised for food live… and die. COK has shown the world the realities of the animal industry and continues to inspire plant-based living in people around the world.

watch Compassion is a virtue most Americans might say they possess, but the vast majority of people seem to forget that having compassion for living things also means not funding their torture. Continue reading >>>


PEACE Update: Copy Complete, Illustrations Underway!


The goal of the PEACE Series is to give parents a fun way to instill values of compassion in their children.

There aren’t a lot of books on the market that cater to vegan parents or promote a compassionate vegan lifestyle. We want to change that and give parents the option to read stories that plant the seed for a lifetime of compassionate choices.

One of the stories in the five-book series is that of Robert Maloney, a sweet and enthusiastic fly who wants a taste of blueberry pie, but could easily be swatted to death by the family who baked it.

The book is now in the hands of the illustrator in Italy, with whom we are working on a daily basis. Continue reading >>>